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Best Practices for Transitioning from Design to Assembly in Medical Device Manufacturing
In all industries, it's important to achieve alignment between the design of a product and production processes as early as possible. In the medical device sector, whether it's a dialysis machine, a knee implant, a stethoscope or a syringe, the design transfer process plays a critical role in addressing cost and quality issues.

POSTED JANUARY 07, 2020 10:23 AM
DFMA lets engineers focus on what they do best
Raptor Performance in Concord, NC, designs and manufactures custom electronics for racing motorcycles and automobiles. The company's products are not for hobbyists, these are professional-grade parts.

POSTED JULY 15, 2019 8:00 AM
US Factories Added 196,000 Jobs in 2017

WASHINGTON--The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the United States added 196,000 factory jobs in 2017, including 25,000 jobs in December. Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, says that factory jobs are growing at a faster rate than jobs in the overall economy.

Manufacturing Still Hearty Despite Small Declines

WASHINGTON--New orders for manufactured goods fell 0.1 percent in October from the month before, according to a report from the Commerce Department on Monday, but that was better than the 0.4 percent decline expected in a consensus estimate from analysts. This latest performance followed an upwardly revised September hike of 1.7 percent.

TCO and part redesign can make US assembly feasible

For the past several years, the Reshoring Initiative has been helping manufacturers reshore production or keep existing work here through total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis. However, calculating TCO is only part of the overall competitiveness equation.

Making Manufacturing Great Again Would Add $530 Billion to GDP

WASHINGTON--The U.S. manufacturing sector has weathered a bumpy road over the course of the past two decades, but successfully righting the country's industrial ship would mean an economic windfall of $530 billion, according to a new report from The McKinsey Global Institute.

Software Harmonizes Instrument Design Process

Most challenges manufacturers face involve the assembly process of one or more of their products. Sometimes, though, a company struggles with where to locate its headquarters or build another plant for market expansion.

POSTED JULY 05, 2017
Design for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing has become a buzzword in manufacturing today. It has improved tremendously over the past few decades, and it is evolving from a technology for simple prototyping to one that can be used to make actual parts and tooling.

How to Work With Medical Device Design Firms

Designing a new medical device is a bit more complicated than designing a toaster or an automotive cooling system. Besides the issues common to any product—feasibility, usability, and design for manufacture and assembly—there are also issues of biocompatibility, sterilization and FDA regulations to deal with.

POSTED FEBRUARY 02, 2017 1:00 AM
Testing Challenges With Automotive Plastics

New plastics and coatings are giving automotive engineers a wealth of options for interior design. These materials offer the promise of additional functionality beyond just decoration or passenger protection.


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